Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missing Commas, or Where's the fun in that.

I have fond memories of David Frost's show "The Frost Report". The best part of the show was, for me, the word play. I still have fond recollections of "Strange Parts of the Human Anatomy" as described in the sentences "I wonder who's kissing her now?" and "The love of London remains in her yet" (my favourite).  (I'm sure the joke is older than the show).

The joke depends on taking "her" as the possessive and the following word as the possessed noun (rather than taking "her" as the object of the previous preposition or verb and the following word as a duration term). The joke works better when spoken (as on the show) and disappears completely with the proper punctuation: "The love of London remains in her, yet", "I wonder who's kissing her, now."

What got me thinking about his was passing a sign outside a law office that said "Welcome To The Team Lesley." I spent two blocks trying to figure out what a "Team Lesley" was before I figured out where the comma was supposed to have gone.

This year at the cottage, it was all genre books--I read a whole bunch of books I've been meaning to get to for the whole year.

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