Monday, March 22, 2010

Slammed with Work, Or The sun was in my eyes

I've been ignoring this blog (which is too bad because it's one my gifts to myself) because I've been slammed with work. I'm now "Products Editor" at Visual Studio Magazine which means that I'm doing two reviews a month and maintaining a blog on .NET/Visual Studio tools there. Getting that ramped up required more effort than I had realized. I also did a couple of interviews in there that either made their way into my Practical ASP.NET column or will make their way into the products blog

I was also putting together a proposal to Learning Tree to author a course on User Interface Design (a subject near and dear to my heart). I tend to over compensate for my deficiencies as a course author by doing BIIIIIIIG proposals (this one ran to 20 pages: feel sorry for the poor product manager who feels morally obligated to read it).

And I taught my technical writing course for Learning Tree last week. I think it went well. I certainly had fun.

Mixed in there I'm reviewing the galley proofs for my Code Generation book (one more chapter to go!) and acting as technical editor on a Microsoft Access book. And, I was working with various authors to put together five articles for the Learning Tree newsletter (I dropped the ball on that one: I contacted Learning Tree about starting that process about a month ago, didn't follow up, and then they got back to me to get the process started a month later than I would have chosen). I also edited two history papers for my son (I learn lots).

And, of course, the ongoing marketing and client support efforts that are part of being an independent consultant.

My mother-in-law has been staying with us (that's a good thing) so we also celebrated her birthday on Sunday with lots and lots of people dropping around (well, lots for me: 25 or 26 people). Jan, of course, did all the work but I had to pay attention--always a strain. And, of course, we're getting ready to go to Spain for three works (though, again, Jan does all of that and I just tag along looking beautiful).

So that's my excuse.

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