Sunday, December 20, 2009

Churches as Business, or How does your church compare to the one in Acton?

I found this while googling for the address of the Immaculate Conception church in Stratford, Ontario. It serves as a reminder as to why technical content should never be automatically generated:

   Catholic Church in Stratford, Ontario
   In the industry "Catholic Church" in Stratford, are 3 companys listed.
   2 "Catholic Church" of these companies are rated as good, 1 "Catholic Church" companies in Stratford, are rated as acceptable. If you are one of this "Catholic Church" signup here to start your "company press release room" and  get in touch with the Stratford people.
   Of the Stratford residents, 45% where generally satisfied with the domiciled Catholic Church last month.  Compared to Acton in Ontario, Stratford had 38% more successful order executions of "Catholic Church" but 14% more unrated order executions. (Facts based on own polls)

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   Immaculate Conception Church, Rectory was rated as good by a Stratford citizen.
   Saint Joseph's Church was rated as good by a citizen.


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