Friday, June 5, 2009

Publishing History

I started creating RTFM on but (after, I admit, a cursory search) I realized that getting my book onto Amazon was--apparently--going to (a) require an upfront payment, (b) be more difficult than I thought. Since I'd worked through the whole "digital publishing" thing, I figured that I was ready to try a different tool (also the costs of shipping a book to Canada seemed exorbitant: $10.00 for a single copy though, of course, larger orders reduces the cost-per-unit). I ordered one copy (which is now on its way to the Library of Canada) and started exploring.

Since I wanted to get on Amazon, I went to Amazon. Their preferred provided seems to CreateSpace so I started working through them. The big change was getting the format of the cover right. I also had to change the name of the book from "RTFM*" to "rtfm*" because ClearSpace doesn't allow you to have a title that's ALL CAPS. Fortunately, I didn't have a problem changing the name to lower case. However, I created another problem for myself: My name.

I entered the name of the author as "Mr. Peter Hunter Vogel" which, apparently, can't be changed at this point (probably a more accurate statement: I haven't figured out how to change the author's name). ClearSpace is unhappy about the name on the cover ("Peter Vogel") not matching the name I entered as the author. I tried deleting the book and starting again but, sadly, because I had assigned my book an ISBN number, I can't re-load the book.

It will be interesting to see if ClearSpace can dig me out of this hole.

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