Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Linking to the Reader's Interest, Or....actually, I've got nothing

I've always said that if you want to make your readers interested in what you want to say you have to tie what you want to talk about to what your readers value. I just found, I think, the best example of this in action. This ad is from a reprint of a pulp magazine ("The Phantom Detective" magazine, June 1937):

"Goodbye, Sir"..."Thank you, Sir," says the head waiter fervently as the little party of four leaves the club. And why shouldn't he--for a $10.00 tip?

Think that's unusual? Not a bit of it. Young men are making lots of money--and spending plenty--these days. Young men full of health, full of snap and power. And you can bet your bottom dollar that these men watch their health like a hawk--that they see to it that their bowels move regularly. For no man can feel right and do his best if he is held back by the curse of constipation.

So if you want to step up your energy, if you want a quick mind and a vigorous body, remember this one thing and never forget it--see that your bowels move regularly.

It turns out that the ad is for Ex-Lax.

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