Sunday, December 4, 2011

Taking Suggestions, or Pretty things! Pretty things!

I sometimes wonder if I have any actual ideas of my own. Whenever I have a problem with, well, practically anything, but also with course development, I go around discussing it obsessively with everyone I can find. Of course, some of the people that I inflict my concerns on suggest solutions.

Most of those solutions I can't use. There may be logistical constraints (time, usually--the idea would devote more time to a topic than I think it's worth) or conceptual (for instance, incorporates material outside of the course's mandate). But, sooner or later, someone comes up with an idea that I can use and I (shamelessly) track it down and incorporate it into the course.

I do have ideas of my own (and about 25% of them work right away and another 25% work after significant rethinks). But looking back over my courses, I'm not sure that the best ideas didn't come from all the people around me.

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