Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back from Yellowknife, or Information no one needs

 Thanks to Learning Tree, Jan and I got to spend a week in Yellowknife (Jan also got to spend 5 minutes on Baffin Island changing planes and an hour in a plane in Rankin Inlet plus getting some personal attention when everything she was carrying set off the explosives sniffers on her way through the airport in Edmonton coming home). 

It was wonderful. Met some terrific people, ate good food (arctic char, bison and musk-ox at Bullock's; Feugo's; Vietnamese Noodle Place, Chateau Nova).  We went on a midnight dog sled ride with a curtain of white Northern Lights hanging off to the right, saw a local production of a great play, and listened to two brothers in a piano/clarinet duo (mostly classical but finishing with some klezmer tunes).  Walked lots. Have to go back.

Looking at the sky at night, hearing the silence, and seeing those lights hanging there--I think people growing up in that kind of night would have a different relationship with God than I would.

And, of course, we came home with some books (there was a book signing at the local bookstore), some art/jewelery/clothes (local artists had a show on and there are lots of art galleries), and music.

But I have a new category of technical information: telling people stuff they don't need to know. What idiot, for instance, decided it would be a good idea to have a sign on main street that would tell me, every morning on my way to work, just exactly how far below zero it was?

But I also got back to a ton of work that I'd let hang, a client how needed me, and getting ready for Christmas (almost there).

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